Unabashed plant addicts, collecting and growing whatever catches our eye!

Especially hooked on sempervivum and sedum.

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USING OUR WEB SITE:  If you want to see every plant we have for sale now or in the near future, go to ALL PRODUCTS in the drop-down menu under the heading of CATALOG.  If you want to look at only the items we have for sale right now, go to CURRENT AVAILABILITY, under the same heading.  We also have COMING SOON  site to see want is coming on for next season.

We are hoping this arrangement is easier to use than our previous attempts.  If you have trouble finding an item, or ordering, would you please let us know.

Perennial Obsessions is a small Mom and Pop nursery located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We are collectors of hardy Sedums, Sempervivum, Orostachys, Jovibarba and a few odds and ends.. We offer starts of our collection to the gardening public.  We seldom have more than 5, 10 or 20 of any single item, so this site will not be helpful to wholesale nurseries.



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Perennial Obsessions Nursery

Hardy succulents are a very interesting and useful class of plants for the gardener. They are low growing, extremely drought tolerant, disease and pest free and perform wonderfully for a very long period of time. They do well in most kinds of soil except extremely wet situations. They occur in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. Succulents grow quickly but are not invasive. They also produce blooms which can be quite striking. Use them in rock gardens, ecoroofs, borders and containers.

Please note that succulents change color during the year.  Most will be very attractive in the spring, summer and fall, and quite dull in the winter.  Pictures in this catalog were taken at various times, trying to catch the peak of one season or another.  Don’t fret if the plant you receive is not the same color as shown in the catalog.  It will be that color at some time during the year.


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Perennial Obsessions is a small Mom and Pop nursery located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon Learn More